Aug 18

This is probably the biggest problem facing any other developing counry like India.This is sobecause preventing it can help tackle many of the problems prevalent in the country.

Diaspora,commonly known as Brain drain can be best defined as the best of ppl from a country goin to the best of thecountries in search of best resources to bring out the best out of them.So basically these so called gr8 ppl leave their own country n go to some other country wch offers them better facilities n probablybetter salaries.Many ppl might argue that this all a scrap in todays world of globalisation.but i hv my own reasons to say so.

It is no denyin a fact that USA is a super power.It is truely self-reliant.But have u ever ponderedover the thought as to how it came to such a level????it was all because of the ppl of that country,the citizensof USA.Because of their virtue of being loyal to their country,USA is free from poverty n unemployment.Due these reasons it has a better infrastructure n ppl from other countries r tempted towards these.

But very few ppl think abt developin these infrastructures in their own country.I know its not possibleall of a sudden but remember evn USA didnt become a superpower in a single day or even a decade.U ll hv to struggle a bit.The brainy population hs to stay here n work for the nation,though they wont get hefty salaries n wont get the desired level of individualsuccess but they hv to work for a larger section of the society.V hv to set our limits.

Ppl argue that though these ppl who work in some other country(Like NRIs) invest in d developin our country by gvin donations n stuff;but the country doesnt need any grants from them.They might gv 1 billion $ but its not in any way goin to compensate for the losses that the nation has had by not hvin them workin here.If they hd worked here,probably the nation wud hv gained abt 100 billion $!!!!

The point i want to make is develop the same facilities n infrastructures in your own country so that no one in the future ll even hv to think of leavin this country.But for this to happen one generation of these brainy ppl ll hv to apply their brains in the development of their own country n not some other.

Once this is done all ppl ll b free from proverty n unemployment.At this stage it,i wud rather suggest the brainy ppl of our own country to go to some less developed country n develop it(reverse brain drain) This is wat I call globalisation in true sense of word……………..