Happy Independence Day!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 15

This is my first blog.Wat better way to kick off than on the eve of Independence day!!!!
So i thought of writing my first blog on the Independence Day.Happy Independence day to all!!!!!!!but wait a min,r v really independent???does it do enough to honour our independence jst by celebrating a single day????

Well everyone calls himself/herself as a citizen of an independent nation.but r v really so???Wat is the actual meanin of independence or freedom???It meanS that v dont depend on any other nation,v r self sufficient,v r free to xpress,v rfree to do anything that the law permits at our own will,so on and so forth.but do these hold any truth????India depends on the grants from the world bank,on the grants from the superpowers.so also India can in no way be called to be self-sufficient coz it needs to import many things on loans to feed its ever growin population.Coming to the question of freedom;do u really thing v r allowed to xpress ourself???One day u xpress ur feeling wch are against some political party or community or any such institutionor be it even terrorist,u ll repent the rest of your life for it.coz there ll b death hovering over u everytime.u ll b threatened,ur family tortured n all.its no filmy story guys.take the case of giving some evidence ina court against some1 in some high profile case.History is the proof for this as to how many have turned hostile jst before the hearing.Its becoz every1 in the system including the police n official supposed to bprotecting the one giving the evidence r corrupt.They sell him/her jst for gettin some money or may b they toor threatened.Is this the freedom v r takin abt;v r celebratin today???So Much so that even the jounalists hv to hold their life at the end of knife everytime they come out wid some story revealin so many truth(bittertruths) abt the powerful ppl.R we really free???,i ask,wen v hv to fight for our rights on the day to day basis against the so called our own representatives,the polititians.The polititians r there on their post jst to xploit us n make money.they play their game,jst as the britishers did,wid the help of the principle DIVIDE N RULE.for the sake of the votes they r again partitioningIndia on the basis of religion n caste.Come on guys v r in 21st century,come out of it!!!

Jst 10-15days before 15th of August the campaign begins evokin the pride for the country,rememberin the sung as well asunsung heros.Each one including the companies n the media is at the forefront to show its patriotism.But i ask where is this patriotism the rest of 350days in the yr????Wat do v really do for our country????Is it jst enough to remember our country for a single day????

The answer to these questions is very simple.v ourselves,includine u n me,r resposible for such pathetic state of the nation.People grumble for not havin a suitable candidate to vote for,but this is a lame reason.v,as the youths of India,hv to take the social resposibility.Once more v hv to come together after 1947 to fight againts the antisocial elements,so that v become free in the true sense of the word!!!!!!!Let us,not as Hindus,Muslims,Christians,Sikhs Or Parsis but INDIANS,unite n fight for the nation!!!!!!!

JAI HIND!!!!!!!!!!