Hometown-A Discriminating Factor???

Sep 11

I know,I may land up in soup after having written this but who cares???I Just Love Satire!!!

This is a common question pricking many students i m sure.Whether ppl agree wid it openly or not but ppl from bigger cities(not all but majority) do think themselves to be superior or some1 out of this world.They tend to look down upon others jst coz they live in some Metro.Its immaterial for them whether his/her counterpart who may b from a small city or village performs better than them or is more talented.Wat i fail to understand is wat the hell difference does it make if u hail from a small town as far as u r blessed with the much need skills n talents???
More importantly these so called esteemed ppl(esp from metros) dont even bother to reply(on social networking sites like orkut,myspace) wen some1 wid a good intention offers friendship.Now is it in anybody’s will to decide where he has to b born or wch school he has to b admitted???wat’s his fault if he’s not from the same institution???Does it mean there always has to b this social divide???Nothing to bridge this???

Come on guys,grow up!!!Life’s not abt being confined to a limited group of ppl its abt makin newer n suitable (mind u) acquiantances.Plz dont turn deaf ears to this………..