How Just is Indian Justice???

Sep 11

This must have brought the recent case of Sanjay Dutt to ur mind.My thoughts thoughinspired by it r not totally based on it.

The major reason why i feel that our system of justice has failed so miserably is that it takeshell lot of time to deliver the judgement.Take any case for that matter,it has got to last for 3-4yrs.Thoughthe 1st judgement is delivered aft 1yr,the convicted again appeals in the higher court of law,then the wholething begins all over again.Many a times,both the parties dont even attend the hearing,then it has to b postponed.(thisshows the respect they hv for law)

Though this system may prove to b a blessing for hardcore criminals,the innocent n the one’s wid a tender hearthv to die almost everyday wid a fear untill the judgement which,who knows,may come after the natural death of that person.In this way the criminals escape but others who hv been trapped live under agony of guilt n shame……

This is only one part of the sad story.Threats,witnesses turning hostile,bribes,etc r so rampant
in the system that its better not mentioned.If everything is bought to light then it ll b difficult for anybody to trust the justice administered.