Sep 11

What is it that you achieve in the lifetime?Everything is so short lived.At this tender age,u study hard n u participate in severalactivities.But everything is temporary except divine Love,which is d one thing that is permanent.If,in this life,u dont manage to earn Divine Love,what is that use of rest of ur accomplishments?u may live long n achive many gr8 feats but if u dont hv divine Love then u ll b goin empty handed wen u die.Many kings n rich ppl amassed so much of wealth but wat did they take wid them wen they died???,jst their deeds(Karma n Dharma).This Dharma is ur permanent property.

In the name of spirituality ppl do all kinds of things from enchanting mantras to various sacrifices n stuff.But wen it comes to serving the humanity ppl tend to think selfishly.Then all these prayers are of no use.Cultivate the habbit of helpin people.”Help Ever Hurt Never”.Remember the “Hands that serve are holier than the lips that Pray”.Ofcourse u hv tothank the Almighty n Pray for hvin given this beautiful life.But dont forget to serve.”Love All Serve All”

Have a broader outlook towards Life.Help others n behave as if v all belong to the same family.I know,Its hard to follow these in todays world ridden wid so many vices but its definately worth a try.Atleat u ll b mentally satisfied that u had tried ur bestto do something for humanity.Dont b afraid of anything coz always remember “Y do u hv to fear wen God is wid u(omnipresent)”.The intentions of ur deeds are far more important than result.If u do so then u ll b a step closerto the ultimate aim of life ie. “Liberation of Soul”