Dec 31

M i refering to any term in physics??????well actually i m trying to apply this term
to humans….V ll c how compatible both r.Goin by the term Entropy means the degree of disorder in any system.In simple words it means every system hs a tendency to distroy itself…..
Do i mean by it that humans hv a tendency to destroy themselves????

Quite right.Every Human tries to achieve great goals;he is crazy for power,money n fame.This is wr this property takes its birth.For the sake of achieving them,he hs to sacrifice so many things no matter hw dear they r to him.Once he achieves any of these VICEs then he reaches the final stage of his destruction;it can b compared to cancer whr in the malignancy has already spread.
U lose all ur senses,u start behaving as though u r out of ur mind.N no matter how principled u hv been through out the life u r bound to go abt blowing your own trumpet,hurting others,misusing ur powers, become too proud of ur assests;thereby show disrespect towards others.U might feel no1 is as great as u……This is the greatest mistake of all that many gr8 ppl like hitler,alexander,etc hv made.They hv paid a heavy price for it.

No one can defy the laws of gravity,everything that goes up has to cum down,n if u really want to sustain ur position u ought to learn to respect all…try n b down to earth
SO to sum it up,humans r no xceptions to entropy,they lay the foundation of their own