Apr 27

I m not a renowned philosopher or anything,but guess hv understood the philosophy of life(well atleast the basics).Now coming to the topic of my post;do u all feel that all these terms r synonyms or antonyms of each other???some might even argue that these r not even related to each other.They r very much related to each other.But they r neither synonyms or antonyms.Confused??,let me explain.

Let me start wid Spiritualism.Its the ultimate aim in life(atleast it should be the aim).wat does it imply?its being good,helping those in need,not commiting bad deeds,etc.Basically being a pure human(pure as in,not being contaminated by politics,envy,hatred,etc)

Its jst the path that ll guide u to spiritualism.But remember its not necessary that u hv to b religious to b spiritual.At the same tym being religious doesnt necessarily mean that u r spiritual.Those who perform their rites n rituals regularly may not be as spiritual as a person who doesnt evn worship God.

Atheistism:-Its a principle which doesnt believe the xistance of God.Fyn enough,i dont hv any problem wid it(or rather,i shudnt hv ne problem).But they can b even more spiritual than a holy saint,provided they r human enough to feel the pain of the needy n unfortunate ones.

Fanatism:-Its the principle which forces ppl to blindly follow a particular religion,propagates it at the cost of human lives.It has got nothing to do wid spirituality.The more fanatic u r,the more far u go from spiritualism.

So wat i want to emphasize here is that no matter wch religion u follow,wat faith u hv,the ultimate aim for all of us shud b to b spiritual.So dont judge any person by the faith he has,but rather by his acts.

To be Cont. in next post
Love All,Serve All;

Help Ever,Hurt Never.