My xperience wid Gynaec/Obs

Apr 27

Blood blood everywhere,sound of a women screaming out of pain is the sight u often get to c in a Gynaec/Obs ward.As i hv been posted thr currently,these things r wat i m gettin accustomed to.But to tell u the least its really a terrifying thing to xperience for the first time.But it brings to light a few facts;wch our generation is fast forgetting.The most important being the respect and love towards our Mother,who goes through such excrutiating pain both bearing us for 9months(n 7 days to b precise) and at the time of delivery.Mother who teaches us right from standing on our feet to ABCD….Taking care of us at everystep,leading us towards the right path.We r depended on her for everything. And wen v grow up or rather reach adolescence,the entire picture changes.V tend to be the root cause of all the troubles that she faces.V conveniently forget all the debts that v owe towards her.V take pride to b called as adults,independents;fyn enough,do so,but dont forget ur responsibilities.Now our life includes only of our so called dear friends,then possibly a bf/gf watever may b the case….v share our secrets wid everybody but her.Those who live in their homes during learning in professional colleges jst spend abt 5mins talking to her,that to while having dinner/lunch.n those stayin in hostels atleast forget their homes totally.(most of them,xceptions seen as well)They tend to spend their entire balance trying to impress or hit at anyone,but when it comes to calling their home,they dont hv balance.They remember their homes only when they r fallin short of money.I hv seen such xamples.Then comes the topic aft marriage.V tend to gv more importance to our partner than our parents.subjecting them to various hardships wch u all know,i need not tell those.hw can v possibly commit this heinous crime.They who hv spent 20-30yrs at our service,suddenly become strangers for us.there comes the problem of old age.Cant v take care of them in the same way as they took care of us when v were helpless????

The list of things wat our mother does for us is endless,if i start ennumerating then i guess “blogger” website ll fall short of space .Jst remember the efforts she has taken to make us what v r today.Dont even dare to forget her.N for heaven’s sake let the love n respect for her prevail in our minds till v r alive,watever come our way.

N one more thing wat i wonder is that inspite of all the scientific advances,y hsnt there been any thing discovered wch can b used for painless deliveries?????