Weird Mathematics or a loop hole???

Jul 13

TO PROVE 3 < 2 OR 4 < 3 SO ON...... CONSIDER

a < b
a*a < a*b Multiplying a on both sides(b.s)
a*a-b*b < a*b-b*b Subtracting b*b from b.s
(a-b)(a+b) < b(a-b) By formula
a+b < b
1+2 < 2
3 < 2
By this u can prove any number is less than a number which is supposed to d smaller one(confusing???)

Since i have posted it dont think that i belong to the mathematical field or m a engineer.Actually i had cum across this funny part when i was playing with number in my 6th Std.

For your info i m a medical student now(supposed to b a doctor)………. 🙁