Hitler—The Great or The Glutton

Aug 09

I am no Nazi to keep Hitler alive even after 63 yrs of hid death;but he is such a part of the history that no1 can ignore him.In my childhood(not that i m a old man now) i used to look at Hitler as my role model.I liked his approach and aim of making Germany the superpower(in the sense i too wanted to do the same for my Motherland India).

The fact that he brought Germany from ruins(after the debacle of World War 1) to a state of art Super Power in jst a span of 20yrs was commendable and equally inspiring for any person;and for a person like me,it had a profound influence.Then i read his autobiography Mein Kiemf;wch impressed me further.But then i dint knw that it was HIS VERSION OF THE STORY.

Like i say the opinion varies from person to person;food for 1 might be poison for the other.Soon i realised by reading the unbiased neutral versions of the history literature that he was nothing but a man who definately intended good things for his country but at horrible cost;at the cost of innocent ppl.He brutally killed the jews,ransacked their houses;such determined he was to free germany of the jew ppl that wen he had to choose betn sending the best of his troops to war with russia n killing jews;he chose the later.”Hitler-Rise of Evil” on Jumbo Movies on History Channel portrays the facts brilliantly.

Inspite of all these facts i still think that he was definately a great person,who dreamt of ruling the world,to make his motherland the superpower but had he been a bit more human i wud hv wished he hadnt commited the mistake of betraying russia or japan attacking pearl harbour that turned out to be the trigger for his downfall.

Hope such a person with more human values becomes PM of India to take India to the pinnacle where it right belongs.