Terrorist,Politics and Religion

Nov 27

It was 6.49 in the morning when the phone rang,well not exactly as it was in silent mode;n i was studying what else can u expect when i have my univ exams going on.It was my friend who told me about the blasts n terrorist activities in mumbai .I was shocked.He told me that the terrorists were running amock and killing people.Actually to tell u the fact i dint grasp a single word,how was that possible that the terrorist can go on killing people in the heart of the city???i mean i know they can cause devastations by bomb blasts n stuff but mumbai is no kashmir where terrorists run into a hotel n take people hostage….
But it was true.I had my exams(the last one) so i was trying to study,uncertainity loomed as to whether the exam wud take place or no.but i cudnt take chances.But i was finding it equally difficult to concentrate.how was it possible that terrorist come in to a city,n not any other city but the financial capital of india,with so many weapons,AK47s,granedes without any one coming to know about it.How cud they kill the ATS chief,enounter specialist and DIG???But then i suddenly realised i was in INDIA…….
I hv no intention of blaming any group or community,but the fact is we ourselves are responsible for such pathetic state of affairs.What the hell was the Intelligence Beaurea doing??what abt the other government bodies in whom the security of the country is supposed to be safe???The politicians????what abt them???
I feeling like killing these people first,before killing the terrorists,i know violence begets violence n blah blah but there is limit for everything and this is the height of hopeless governence by government.Instead of indulging in Vote bank politics if these politicians brought in tougher laws India cud be a lot safer.Instead of troubling a Sadhvi if the same ATS whose chief was killed by terrorists,concentrated on the real terrorists things would hv been much better.Alas,things are not so.Here politicians pay the terrorist well not literraly but what else do u expect when they please a community by giving grants n funds to teach the principle that are building blocks of these Terrorists????
Let me make it clear that i hv no hatred for any religion.I myself follow SARVA Dharma principle.N no religion teaches to kill the innocent.But it is MAN who misinterprets the facts in the religious books n starts killing people.The so called religious Gurus instead of teaching people the right directions,tell them to blindly do as the religion says(rather what they want).

Let me ask these terrorists one question.What in the world do u get by killing innocents???
If u are killing people because they dont follow your religion,then let me tell u one thing u r doing nothing but increasing the hatred for your religion.Noone in his/her right senses wud like to be a part of a religion which kills people.People have a right to choose the religion that they wish to follow.You CANT IMPOSE it on them.For GOD’s Sake stop it.

And as far as these politicians are concerned i have only one thing to say,instead of indulging in these hopeless petty politics,if you do your work properly people will automatically vote you to power.

Update:-i forgot one major point.Why the hell is the congress taking side of Afzal Khan(Convicted n proven of attacking the parliament)?
The rules in India are so lenient and worthless that the terrorist have nothing to fear for,they know they wont face any serious consequences.
Just for the sake of pleasing a particular community u cant act soft of terrorist.

N this act of terrorism was in no way a “SMALL EVENT” Mr.R.R.Patil,do u get it.Do u think hundreds of people losing life is a joke.Where the hell is your humanity while making such statement.

N Mr.Vilasrao stop showing RVG the site of terror so that he can make one of his hopeless films on it,it would be better if you do some work for making Maharashtra a safe place to live it.

N Mr.Naqvi you have shown the worth of politicians by calling the people “TERRORISTS”.The fact is you dont even deserve to be called as a HUMAN,forget INDIAN.

If law were in my hands,i wud hand Kasab in the Public(ofcourse after the interrogation) so that the terrorists wud fear and think a hundred times before killing innocent people…