A long time..

Feb 16

Well i m writing after a long time…actually had exams but that was not what exactly held me from writing…just too bored to keep on typing matter…btw i m in III/I MBBS now,had the results out last week passed with a mere 66%,but thats really creditable considering the events that took place in 2nd yr and how busy i was(haha,had to toil a lot with no gains in the end,ref my prev posts to know more)

Anyway since i have started writing let me include one of the topics from my upcoming list.

No Scholarships

Well i dont really mean there are no scholarships round here in India but what i mean is there are no scholarships for people like me who dont fit into any category.(not that i need one,by God’s grace i do have the needful)

But what people like me who dont fall under any category at the same time have financial crisis.

This brings in the topic of reservation.

Plz i dont want to get into any controversy of discriminating people but all i want to make clear is this very system is wrong.There has to be reservation but on economic basis;i know many people who are from so called backward communities and have all the riches to their name,while there are people from so called upper castes who dont even manage two meals a day

Why this injustice??

I know our forefathers did a lot of injustice and treated them without humanity;but whats our fault in it??we where not even born at that time!!!plus we have paid for it already.this reservation system is in place for almost 60yrs now.Times have changed.Never Babasaheb Ambedkar had told that this reservation is only for a period of 10yrs.If that was injustice what our forefathers did,what the hell is going on now??Arent we supposed to rectify our mistakes,i mean whats the point going on repeating the same mistakes.

I am a brahmin and dont expect any kind of reservation or scholarship but atleast the needy people should get it.So all i plead is the reservation should be on economic basis and not caste/creed.Those who really need the facility should be given it.

And one more thing how can a undergraduate person be called as BACKWARD???
This is in opposition of the reservation in PG courses.

Comments are welcome..