Who “IS” Sai Baba (for me)

Apr 28


First of all, I say “IS” because Sai Baba is very much with us,in spite of the fact that he left his human form.

The death of Sai Baba came as a shock to me.I was in tirupati when I came to know about his sad demise. I have been a Sai Devotee from ’96, so its over 15 years now. Its been hard to explain who Sai Baba is to me. Difficult to explain to my friends and relatives who aren’t that open to believe a Human to be God. This is my sincere effort to try and explain what Sai Baba meant to me.I am welcome to comments and will try my very best not to hurt anybody’s sentiments.

Do i believe he is a God? Well It depends on how you define God. No one has seen God. But still many of us believe in his existence. If you consider there is some supernatural power as God, yes I believe, He was supernatural. And if there is nothing like God, then I consider him as a Human being with greatest values and desire to do something for the humanity. An idol for all.

First of all, he preached that each one of us has God within us.Which I have believed right from the day one. So he didn’t claim that he ALONE was GOD. But yes he did have this supernatural power and most importantly he was aware of it.

I have never insisted or advocated to believe that He is God just because he materialized ash or golden chain. And if you are his follower just because he could do so, then you aren’t his true devotees; you are just attracted to his magical powers. Also if you follow him just because some great player or actor or politician is his follower, then you are equally at fault.

How I came to be his Devotee:-

I was inspired by His thoughts, his actions and will to spread love in this world. His thoughts of what life is, what to do and what not to.(can’t go into details of those) His actions:- Need I mention the hospitals,schools,colleges and other institutions he has started? Imagine a Superspeciality hospital performing state of art surgeries absolutely free. And his will to unite everyone and alleviate the suffering and poverty, which he has been successful to greater extent. Where else would you find Hindus, Muslims, Christians and people from other faiths from over 200 countries singing bhajans on Ram, Allah, Jesus together? You got to experience that feeling of oneness to believe it.In today’s world where there is so many conflicts amoung religions,castes creeds; there was this Man who tried to unite everyone.There have been so called Great people in the past(won’t like to name them) who had their own ideas of leading life, so what did they do? They created new religions. This rather increased the complexity of issue, creating divide; adding fuel to the fire.

About the controversies.
With name and good doings come controversies. In this Kalyug, no matter how good you are, how much you help others, there will be people who will point fingers and make allegations. Tell me what selfish interest did he ever have? He didn’t marry, din’t have kids, din’t lead a lavish lifestyle, all he did was lead an extremely simple life. So if you allege that he was there to amass wealth, if he din’t spend a penny on himself in this lifetime, was he doing it for himself? All the money received through donations has been put to use the best possible way to ensure there is efficient utilization of it.

So I really don’t care if or not he was God, all i know is he had all the qualities that a God would have had in Human form(if at all God exists).

I owe Him for much of the spiritual thoughts that I have. Hope after reading this, if not totally, a few of your misconceptions will be cleared; or wait did you find new points? (Kalyug hai bhai!)

Forgot to mention this point, Even God in Human form has got limitations.(That is if you believe in God) Take any religious belief for example:- Lord Venkateshwara, Jesus Christ, Shridi Sai Baba, etc. (Guess I need not explain what the limitations in these cases were!)