Terrorist,Politics and Religion

Nov 27

It was 6.49 in the morning when the phone rang,well not exactly as it was in silent mode;n i was studying what else can u expect when i have my univ exams going on.It was my friend who told me about the blasts n terrorist activities in mumbai .I was shocked.He told me that the terrorists were running amock and killing people.Actually to tell u the fact i dint grasp a...

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Long Live India–Happy Independence Day

Aug 14

Valentines Day, new year, friendship day . Every1 celebrates n msgs b4 10 days regarding that, But independence day there is no advance msg from anyone, let us celebrate the independence day at least from now . PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN . ...

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Hitler—The Great or The Glutton

Aug 09

I am no Nazi to keep Hitler alive even after 63 yrs of hid death;but he is such a part of the history that no1 can ignore him.In my childhood(not that i m a old man now) i used to look at Hitler as my role model.I liked his approach and aim of making Germany the superpower(in the sense i too wanted to do the same for my Motherland India). The fact that he brought...

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Weird Mathematics or a loop hole???

Jul 13

TO PROVE 3 < 2 OR 4 < 3 SO ON...... CONSIDERa=1,b=2 a < ba*a < a*b Multiplying a on both sides(b.s)a*a-b*b < a*b-b*b Subtracting b*b from b.s(a-b)(a+b) < b(a-b) By formulaa+b < b1+2 < 23 < 2 By this u can prove any number is less than a number which is supposed to d smaller...

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Apr 27

I m not a renowned philosopher or anything,but guess hv understood the philosophy of life(well atleast the basics).Now coming to the topic of my post;do u all feel that all these terms r synonyms or antonyms of each other???some might even argue that these r not even related to each other.They r very much related to each other.But they r neither synonyms or...

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