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Thai Trip – Pics, Views, Reviews & Tips

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Writing after a long time, yes I know I had promised to write more about my France/Swiss trip but thanks to my exams, I haven’t been able to do so. The wait for results is getting into my nerve. For those who aren’t aware about the Supreme court case & NEET, let me just tell you Medical PG exams in India have gone from bad to worse. Results were supposed to come out by Jan end, it’s almost March now; still no signs of results. Wouldn’t like to bore you with the NEET stuff any further; the reason why I mentioned...

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France/Swiss Trip

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Haven’t updated my blog for a long time now. Been real busy. Today for no specific reason, I thought of writing about and sharing a few pics from Swiss/France tour. I had been to France & Switzerland with my Parents in the month of June. It was a custom trip, we had planned and booked the trip as per our preference, visited few places/towns which are not part of any package tours. Tignes Val Claret was one such place. It was part of Tour De France and is a popular Ski destination in Europe. The real fun of any trip is in...

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Who “IS” Sai Baba (for me)

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First of all, I say “IS” because Sai Baba is very much with us,in spite of the fact that he left his human form. The death of Sai Baba came as a shock to me.I was in tirupati when I came to know about his sad demise. I have been a Sai Devotee from ’96, so its over 15 years now. Its been hard to explain who Sai Baba is to me. Difficult to explain to my friends and relatives who aren’t that open to believe a Human to be God. This is my sincere effort to try and explain what Sai Baba meant to me.I am welcome to comments...

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Back to blogging after a long time!

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Hi every body, Am writing after a real long time. Obviously a lot of events have occurred, some worth mentioning and some not. So much to tell, so kindly pardon me if I mix up things. Few major highlights include:- I completed my MBBS, so am Officially a Doctor now, and am currently posted at medicine for internship. My Sister got married – which was a mixed bag of event, happy for her to find such a good life partner but sad that she no longer lives with us ๐Ÿ™ On the other front, My blog which I started in partnership...

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A long time..

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Well i m writing after a long time…actually had exams but that was not what exactly held me from writing…just too bored to keep on typing matter…btw i m in III/I MBBS now,had the results out last week passed with a mere 66%,but thats really creditable considering the events that took place in 2nd yr and how busy i was(haha,had to toil a lot with no gains in the end,ref my prev posts to know more) Anyway since i have started writing let me include one of the topics from my upcoming list. No Scholarships Well i dont really mean...

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