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My xperience wid Gynaec/Obs

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Blood blood everywhere,sound of a women screaming out of pain is the sight u often get to c in a Gynaec/Obs ward.As i hv been posted thr currently,these things r wat i m gettin accustomed to.But to tell u the least its really a terrifying thing to xperience for the first time.But it brings to light a few facts;wch our generation is fast forgetting.The most important being the respect and love towards our Mother,who goes through such excrutiating pain both bearing us for 9months(n 7 days to b precise) and at the time of delivery.Mother who...

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M i refering to any term in physics??????well actually i m trying to apply this termto humans….V ll c how compatible both r.Goin by the term Entropy means the degree of disorder in any system.In simple words it means every system hs a tendency to distroy itself…..Do i mean by it that humans hv a tendency to destroy themselves???? Quite right.Every Human tries to achieve great goals;he is crazy for power,money n fame.This is wr this property takes its birth.For the sake of achieving them,he hs to sacrifice so many things no matter...

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What is it that you achieve in the lifetime?Everything is so short lived.At this tender age,u study hard n u participate in severalactivities.But everything is temporary except divine Love,which is d one thing that is permanent.If,in this life,u dont manage to earn Divine Love,what is that use of rest of ur accomplishments?u may live long n achive many gr8 feats but if u dont hv divine Love then u ll b goin empty handed wen u die.Many kings n rich ppl amassed so much of wealth but wat did they take wid them wen they died???,jst their...

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How Just is Indian Justice???

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This must have brought the recent case of Sanjay Dutt to ur mind.My thoughts thoughinspired by it r not totally based on it. The major reason why i feel that our system of justice has failed so miserably is that it takeshell lot of time to deliver the judgement.Take any case for that matter,it has got to last for 3-4yrs.Thoughthe 1st judgement is delivered aft 1yr,the convicted again appeals in the higher court of law,then the wholething begins all over again.Many a times,both the parties dont even attend the hearing,then it has to b...

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Hometown-A Discriminating Factor???

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I know,I may land up in soup after having written this but who cares???I Just Love Satire!!! This is a common question pricking many students i m sure.Whether ppl agree wid it openly or not but ppl from bigger cities(not all but majority) do think themselves to be superior or some1 out of this world.They tend to look down upon others jst coz they live in some Metro.Its immaterial for them whether his/her counterpart who may b from a small city or village performs better than them or is more talented.Wat i fail to understand is wat the hell...

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