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This is probably the biggest problem facing any other developing counry like India.This is sobecause preventing it can help tackle many of the problems prevalent in the country. Diaspora,commonly known as Brain drain can be best defined as the best of ppl from a country goin to the best of thecountries in search of best resources to bring out the best out of them.So basically these so called gr8 ppl leave their own country n go to some other country wch offers them better facilities n probablybetter salaries.Many ppl might argue that this all...

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Happy Independence Day!!!!!!!!!!!

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This is my first blog.Wat better way to kick off than on the eve of Independence day!!!!So i thought of writing my first blog on the Independence Day.Happy Independence day to all!!!!!!!but wait a min,r v really independent???does it do enough to honour our independence jst by celebrating a single day???? Well everyone calls himself/herself as a citizen of an independent nation.but r v really so???Wat is the actual meanin of independence or freedom???It meanS that v dont depend on any other nation,v r self sufficient,v r free to xpress,v rfree...

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