Who “IS” Sai Baba (for me)

Apr 28

First of all, I say “IS” because Sai Baba is very much with us,in spite of the fact that he left his human form. The death of Sai Baba came as a shock to me.I was in tirupati when I came to know about his sad demise. I have been a Sai Devotee from ’96, so its over 15 years now. Its been hard to explain who Sai Baba is to me. Difficult to explain to...

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Back to blogging after a long time!

Apr 11

Hi every body, Am writing after a real long time. Obviously a lot of events have occurred, some worth mentioning and some not. So much to tell, so kindly pardon me if I mix up things. Few major highlights include:- I completed my MBBS, so am Officially a Doctor now, and am currently posted at medicine for internship. My Sister got married – which was a mixed...

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A long time..

Feb 16

Well i m writing after a long time…actually had exams but that was not what exactly held me from writing…just too bored to keep on typing matter…btw i m in III/I MBBS now,had the results out last week passed with a mere 66%,but thats really creditable considering the events that took place in 2nd yr and how busy i was(haha,had to toil a lot with no...

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Terrorist,Politics and Religion

Nov 27

It was 6.49 in the morning when the phone rang,well not exactly as it was in silent mode;n i was studying what else can u expect when i have my univ exams going on.It was my friend who told me about the blasts n terrorist activities in mumbai .I was shocked.He told me that the terrorists were running amock and killing people.Actually to tell u the fact i dint grasp a...

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Long Live India–Happy Independence Day

Aug 14

Valentines Day, new year, friendship day . Every1 celebrates n msgs b4 10 days regarding that, But independence day there is no advance msg from anyone, let us celebrate the independence day at least from now . PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN . ...

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Hitler—The Great or The Glutton

Aug 09

I am no Nazi to keep Hitler alive even after 63 yrs of hid death;but he is such a part of the history that no1 can ignore him.In my childhood(not that i m a old man now) i used to look at Hitler as my role model.I liked his approach and aim of making Germany the superpower(in the sense i too wanted to do the same for my Motherland India). The fact that he brought...

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